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How Often Dentists Refer TMD Patients to Physical Therapists?

According to survey conducted by researchers at the physical therapy department, Florida International University, a large percentage of dentists was unaware of the benefits of physical therapy in treating tempromandibular disorder (TMD) pain. This survey was successful in increasing the awareness level of the surveyed dentists in Florida toward how important physical therapy is for …

Hossam Hamza Apr 29, 2018 Dental Education Orthodontics
Future Dental Education: Technology

Education is one of the fields that greatly profited from technology, in teaching and learning sides, and using technology in dental education allowed for innovative teaching methods and more student engagement. The digital native students have the necessary skills to interact with advanced technologies used in the modern educational process. Using technology in dental schools …

Hossam Hamza Apr 15, 2018 Dental Education
Blockchain Technology for Medical Research

Blockchain technology comprises a major trend in clinical research as it provides a more structured and transparent research methodology by giving a set of hashed metadata that defines the integrity of a clinical trial. It is believed that healthcare communities of patients, medical researchers and caregivers can be built through Blockchain health services. Blockchain confirms …

Hossam Hamza Feb 26, 2018 Dental Education
Online Dental Education: How Far We Can Go?

There are few concerns arising about the acceptability and usability of online learning for dental students. Online learning could be a helpful auxiliary tool along with traditional dental educational methods; and implementing successful online learning model(s) needs subjective and objective evaluation of learning outcomes. Online learning could have some benefits such as saving learning time …

Hossam Hamza Jan 28, 2018 Dental Education