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Crown-Root Fracture in Children

When treating a tooth with complicated crown-root fracture, it should be noted that each case has unique challenges and accordingly requires different treatment plan. Dentists currently adopt multidisciplinary approaches for treating fractured teeth, including orthodontics, endodontics and restoratives. Orthodontic extrusion can be used as an alternative to other removal appliances, provided that the tooth demonstrates …

Hossam Hamza Mar 29, 2018 Dental Education
Gaseous Ozone for Root Canal Therapy

Gaseous ozone can be used as combined with irrigation solutions (NaOCl or chlorohexidine) to reduce aerobic and anaerobic bacterial colonies in infected root canals. It is suggested as a dental antiseptic agent as it possesses high antimicrobial power with no bacterial resistance against it. There are still limited guidelines about the appropriate application method, time …

Hossam Hamza Mar 21, 2018 Dental Education
Celebrating 500 Cases with Rubber Dam

Casemasters has reached 500 restorative cases completed with the aid of rubber dam isolation. Rubber dam has proven useful in a number of dental procedures; however, its worldwide usage is not as common as it worth. Dental schools setup guidelines to uniformly apply rubber dam usage among dental students and as a standard of care …

Hossam Hamza Feb 26, 2018 Dental Education
How to Tackle Curved Canals in Endotontics?

Root canal treatment (endodontics) can be a challenging work when complex anatomy with root curvatures and hindered access for ideal preparation exist. The most common types of curved roots are fully curved canals and sharp curved ones at the apex or the middle portion; while double-curved canals are less common. Negotiating root curvature depends on …

Hossam Hamza Jan 10, 2018 Dental Education Endodontics