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Insights on MTA Pulpotomy

Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) is a common pulpotomy agent with favorable effect in primary teeth; however, its successfulness in vital pulp therapy depends on case selection and application technique. MTA pulpotomy is believed to preserve the radicular pulp of primary teeth, relieve their pain, avoid welling and retain the tooth till shedding. MTA was discovered …

Hossam Hamza Mar 21, 2018 Dental Education Endodontics
How to Tackle Curved Canals in Endotontics?

Root canal treatment (endodontics) can be a challenging work when complex anatomy with root curvatures and hindered access for ideal preparation exist. The most common types of curved roots are fully curved canals and sharp curved ones at the apex or the middle portion; while double-curved canals are less common. Negotiating root curvature depends on …

Hossam Hamza Jan 10, 2018 Dental Education Endodontics