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Periodontal Surgery

All-On-4 after 5 Years

A group of dental researcher from Italy conducted a clinical study with 5-year follow up to evaluate the use of prefabricated bar for All-on-4, immediate-loading implants in edentulous patients. Prior to surgery by 1 hour, the patients received 2 g amoxicillin; then they were prescribed 1 g twice daily for 1 week after surgery. In …

Adapting Gingival Grafting Surgeries

Osteo-integration of dental implants is not the only factor for successful implant procedure. Maintaining soft-tissue profile and interdental papillae are also responsible for establishing stable, esthetic results of implants; and failure to restore soft tissues around the implant(s) contributes to functional, esthetic and even phonetic complications in addition to hygienic challenges and future recession. Maintaining …

Hossam Hamza Jan 22, 2018 Dental Education Periodontal Surgery