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New Paste for Severe Oral Stomatitis

Researchers at Hyogo College of Medicine (Japan) assesses the application of an admixture paste containing dexamethasone, gel for oral care and petrolatum to treat the severe stomatitis that associate head and neck cancer and radiotherapy. The paste works to promote eating, chewing and swallowing which are usually painful and difficult in case of inflamed oral …

Hossam Hamza Mar 05, 2018 Dental Education
Toward Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Researchers from Australia and the UK have patented Orcellex brush which is capable of collecting oral cytological samples with liquid-based preparation for early detection of oral cancer. With approximately 600,000 patients diagnosed with oral cancer annually, there is increasing effort for preventive measures, accurate diagnosis and early detection of dysplastic tissues. Squamous cell carcinoma is …

Hossam Hamza Jan 31, 2018 Dental Education