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What Is the Most Effective Way for Tooth Brushing Education among 12-Year-Old Children?

Long-term effectiveness of oral health education is questionable. The appropriate method for behavioral change needs to address the capability, opportunity and motivation. A group of dental researchers evaluated the efficiency of tooth brushing education through lecturing, video and pamphlet modes and found that these methods could reduce dental plaque index almost similarly. This workgroup recommended …

Hossam Hamza Apr 18, 2018 Dental Education
Celebrating 500 Cases with Rubber Dam

Casemasters has reached 500 restorative cases completed with the aid of rubber dam isolation. Rubber dam has proven useful in a number of dental procedures; however, its worldwide usage is not as common as it worth. Dental schools setup guidelines to uniformly apply rubber dam usage among dental students and as a standard of care …

Hossam Hamza Feb 26, 2018 Dental Education
Sports Guard That Prevents Dental Caries

Researchers at Tokyo Medical and Dental University have conducted a laboratory work to fabricate an oral stent for prevention and treatment of dental caries. The oral appliance (stent) was entirely made of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer reinforced with silver particles (5,000 ppm) to induce maximum antibacterial effect against a wide range of species that are involved …

Hossam Hamza Jan 31, 2018 Dental Education
How Oral Bacteria Become an Enemy!

The oral environment has various microbial communities, and understanding the oral microbiome and the ecological balances inside the mouth is essential for oral health. Oral microbes live in continuous antagonistic/mutualistic interactions, and disrupting this equilibrium leads to overgrowth of particular species that could be pathogenic. Healthy oral cavity can be still colonized by hundreds of …

Hossam Hamza Jan 28, 2018 Dental Education
Concerns Toward Enamel Hypomineralization

Preventive measures against dental caries aim to improve oral hygiene and to alter children’s dietary habits. The most common protocols involve fluoride application in varnish, in trays, in toothpaste or in mouth washes. Initial active carious lesions need to be remineralized while chronic or cavitated lesions need to be excavated and filled. The most important …

Hossam Hamza Jan 24, 2018 Dental Education
The Golden Era of Silver in Dental Treatments

Topical application of fluoride is the long followed protocol for caries prevention in children even at the time of the highest risk. Food and Drug Administration recognized the application of topical silver diamine fluoride to arrest active carious lesions and as a preventive approach for unaffected teeth with no risk of toxicity. That is, silver …

Hossam Hamza Jan 21, 2018 Dental Education