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digital dentistry

Digital Fabrication of Complete Dentures

CAD/CAM technology is currently used for fabricating wax-up trial dentures or full digitally manufactured complete dentures. Both digital fabrication methods were reproducible, but the accuracy is still inferior to the manual method. The digital workflow for fabricating complete dentures starts with teeth placement and alignment on the software followed by milling the wax trial bases …

Hossam Hamza Mar 25, 2018 Dental Education
Which 3D Printer Should I Buy as A Dentist?

Buying a 3D printer can be a difficult decision for dental professionals with limited knowledge about 3D printing industry. This article will help to decide which 3D printer can be practical for dental usage. Answering this question has 3 major parts: 1. what is  the need for 3D printer or what is the particular use …

Hossam Hamza Jan 10, 2018 Dental Education