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Future Dental Education: Technology

Education is one of the fields that greatly profited from technology, in teaching and learning sides, and using technology in dental education allowed for innovative teaching methods and more student engagement. The digital native students have the necessary skills to interact with advanced technologies used in the modern educational process. Using technology in dental schools …

Hossam Hamza Apr 15, 2018 Dental Education
All-Digital Method for Condylar Repositioning

3D-printed models can be used for condyle repositioning to simulate reconstruction and orthognathic surgery in a simple and efficient way.  This is one of several techniques for constructing fully-scaled 3D models of the skull and the jaws from CT scans and MRI. Such 3D-printed models are very helpful for preoperative simulation in case of maxillary/mandibular …

Hossam Hamza Mar 19, 2018 Dental Education
Surgical Simulation of Cyst Removal: Never Easier

Fenestration of the maxillary sinus is considered the major complication of the surgical removal of maxillary cysts. Therefore, many oral surgeons currently tend to apply piezosurgery for cyst removal as it is capable of preserving the structure of the sinus through its modulated frequency that permits safe, accurate bone cutting without harming the surrounding soft …

Hossam Hamza Jan 29, 2018 Dental Education
Navigation Implant Surgery

Image-guided dentistry has proven a cost-effective and easily applicable technology that adapts to several treatments. Currently, image-guided techniques are moving toward the so-called dynamic navigation which relies on CT, CBCT or MRI images to improve the accuracy of dental procedures. Dynamic navigation can help in restorative dentistry; for example, it allows to locate root canals in endodontic …

Hossam Hamza Jan 17, 2018 Dental Education